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Vape Carts at Bacco Farms

Vape carts, or vape pens are a handheld device consisting of a battery attached to a cartridge filled with cannabis concentrate. With a vape cart, concentrates are heated, not burned and instead of smoke, the output is vapor. Because of the lack of smoke and handheld convenience from vape carts, some cannabis users prefer vaping over smoking.  Vape carts can be filled with distillate, a highly refined oil, or filled with a concentrate, such as live resin or other full spectrum extracts. Vape carts have some advantages over smoking cannabis flower.  They're convenient, small, transportable, and pre-filled.  They allow the user to be discrete; vape pens are popular with tobacco smokers, so they do not draw much attention.  The smell of the vapor from cartridges is far less pungent than flower.  Vape carts are disposable, so there is no resin to clean up. Any vape cart sold is thoroughly tested and approved by state regulatory agencies to ensure safety and prevent harmful substances from the end product.

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