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Tinctures at Bacco Farms

Tinctures are herbal solutions created by steeping cannabis in alcohol.  The most common consumption method for tinctures is sublingually, or under the tongue.  The cannabis compounds are absorbed into the body through the blood vessels under the tongue.  Any cannabinoids not absorbed through the blood vessels under the tongue will be absorbed in the digestive tract in the same way as edibles.  Tinctures have a rapid onset when taken sublingually; effects can start as little as 15 minutes but can have a delayed onset similar to edibles, which can be as long as three hours. Tincture pros: like edibles, tinctures have precise dosing, which makes it easier to control your experience.  If the taste is unappealing, tinctures can be mixed with food or a beverage.  Adding food or beverage can cause a delayed experience, since the cannabinoids will be absorbed into your system as if you were eating an edible. Tincture cons: since tinctures can have a rapid and delayed onset, it can make for an extended high, which is not what every consumer wants.  Tinctures have a tendency to be more expensive than other cannabis products.  Some consumers have an aversion to the taste of tinctures, likely due to the alcohol.

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